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Newest iPhone 12 Model 2020 | Official Date, Cost & Features

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অক্টোবর ১০, ২০২০ ৪:০৭ অপরাহ্ণ
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Newest iPhone 12 Model 2020 | Official Date, Cost & Features


Newest iPhone 12 Model 2020 – Well, we are getting very much close to the latest launch of 2020 iPhones which are yet expected to be launched by 13th October 2020.  But as the iPhone is not yet landed in the market, therefore, so many expectations are being tied up as rumors over this iPhone model 2020.

It is being expected that 2020 iPhones will be named as iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in case if Apple follows upon the same naming scheme as they did for iPhone 2019 series.

This time iPhones 2020, will add up with some best features and latest updates with some changes in its design.  Buyers have been expecting to get 4 iPhones as in 3 display sizes which will be expected to be 5.4, 6.7, and 6.1 inches (x2).

Newest iPhone 12 Model 2020

Newest iPhone 12 Model 2020

What is the iPhone 12 Launch Date in the USA?

Now let’s talk about the iPhone 12 launch date in the USA! Well, it has been announced that this time iPhone 2020 will be launched in a special event as “Hi-Speed” which will be arranged by Apple on 13th October 2020. This will be the primary iPhone 12 launch date in the USA.

Plus, the pre-orders for the iPhone 12 will start from 16th October 2020 and the first shipment will take place as on 23rd October 2020 after the launch.  This will be for the first time that Apple Company is introducing its iPhone models in October due to sudden lockdown worldwide.

Design of iPhone 12

As the newest iPhone model design has been concerned, it will be featured in a complete overhauled design which is included with metal framing.  This framework is much similar to the frame of the iPhone 4.  It has been reported that the latest models of the iPhone will be using a sort of complex segmentation design along with some injection molding procedures.

The involvement of the stainless steel frame in the newest iPhone model 12 will be replacing the present rounded frame of stainless steel.  It will keep on using the back and front glass for the whole body device. The injection and grooving molding of the phone frame is even reducing the overall negative impact of the metal shielding over high-frequency transmission efficiency related to the internal antenna.

In how many Colors iPhone 12 Model is Introduced?

There are various newest iPhone model rumors that are coming all across related to the coloration effect of iPhone 12 models as well. It has been said that it will replace the latest navy blue finishing which will be replacing the green color which was introduced in the previous iPhone 11 Pro.

Plus, it has been also rumored that the newest iPhone model 12 will be available in light orange, light blue, and violet shades.

What will be the cost of the iPhone 12 Pro?

Are you excited about the iPhone 12 pro cost?  Well, so many predictions and rumors are coming over related to the iPhone 12 pro cost where it has been expected that the price will start from $999. And the cost of the iPhone 12 Pro will be $ 1,099.

আরও পড়ুন:  আইফোনের নতুন সংস্করণেও নচ থাকবে?

Rear Camera Features of iPhone 12

Moving ahead we have rear camera features about iPhone 12 about whom so many rumors are spinning around the social media.  It has been leaked out that pro models will be included with the similar LiDAR system as being the 4th generation iPad Pros.

Its dual system camera will be similar to iPhone 11. It will use a 12MP wide-angle lens as well as a 12MP ultra-wide-angle best lens.  The sensor of the newest iPhone model will either be increasing or improve the image setting due to its better processing within A14.

Plus it is also expected that Apple might be implementing the latest 7 piece system of camera setting which will bring a constant improvement over image quality.  Furthermore, the latest newest iPhone model cameras will also shoot the video in quality excellent Dolby Vision as a category of HDR commonly used in movies or video making.

Face ID Feature of iPhone 12

As for the notch to be removed or get smaller, Apple needs to move or change some components which are being utilized in the Face ID sensor array.  It has been rumored that this time, the physical size of the front-facing camera will be reduced to bring some change. Some diagrams have been also leaked where front-facing cameras are added with compact sensor placement.

Leaked images of the iPhone latest model 2020 have also shown that the speaker and microphone are positioned just above the area of Face ID near to bezel. Previously it was in the middle area.  In iPhone 11 Pro, the front-facing camera was 12MP and the same is being expected to resist in current launched new models of iPhone.

5G & wireless connectivity of iPhone 12

Apple will most likely be upgrading from the 4G LTE to 5G into the next-generation iPhones. This year, Qualcomm is ready to provide its excellent models ever since Intel has already exited into the latest 5G modem business.

It has been recently rumored that all the upcoming models of the iPhone have the access to 5G which is quite an exciting thing to talk about. It is not yet confirmed and cleared that whether iPhones will be receiving the mm-Wave or the sub-6Ghz versions of 5G.  Some of the iPhone latest model 2020 rumors even stated that the models will be receiving sub-6GHz band to cover the widest and longest distance range.

Overview on iPhone 12 Specification

·       Brand: Apple


·       SIM1: Nano SIM2: eSIM


·       Fingerprint Sensor: Yes


·       Fm Radio: No


·       Audio Jack: USB Type-C


·       Loudspeaker: Yes


·       Display Type: OLED


·       Bezel-less Display: Yes


·       Pixel Density: 443 PPI


·       Screen Protection: Yes


·       Screen Size: 6.06 inches


·       Refresh Rate: 120 Hz

·       Performance: Apple A13 Bionic


·       Storage: 64 GB


·       Camera: 13MP + 13MP + 13MP


·       Battery: 4440 mAh


·       Front Camera: 13 MP


·       Processor: Apple A13 Bionic


·       Display: 6.06 inches


·       Ram: 6 GB


·       Rear Camera:13+13+13 MP


·       Quick Charging: Yes


·       Operating System: iOS v13.0


·       Sim Slots: Dual SIM, GSM



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